Coen provide external finishing to add the final touches to your development.  Using traditional or monocouche render, Coen’s high quality standards ensure added value and visual appeal for your New Residential or Commercial build.

External Finishing

Traditional render
At Coen we use sand/cement render that can be mixed on site or supplied ready mixed. We apply a scratch coat first before a top coat is applied, ruled off and floated with plastic trowels before being sponged for a consistent finish. The 2-coat process adds a 10-20mm render to exterior walls that dries within 4 weeks (dependent on weather conditions).

Monocouche render
Coen also use monocouche render. An time-efficient approach, it is a one coat, ready mixed render that is suitable for application onto most types of masonry including brick or blockwork. It is available in a range of colours to add not only a weather resistant finish to your build but also ensure your development suits a variety of visual tastes.